Yardley London Bath Bars
Yardley London Bath Bars
Essential Oils
Knowing what skin wants is our specialty. That’s why we choose botanical ingredients and essential oils that help take your skin, and mind, to the next level of refreshing relaxation.
Skin Caring
We take great care in selecting the ingredients you trust to make the most of your Me Time. Cleanse and moisturize your skin with the everyday treat of Yardley soaps.

Experience Calm

Nature at Work

For women who gravitate more towards natural ingredients that actually work, Yardley offers soaps and body washes that gently yet effectively cleanse and care for your skin. With real ingredients that you can see, like oatmeal for exfoliating and essential oils that nourish tired skin, we pride ourselves on offering you the best shower and bath experience nature can provide.

The finely crafted formulations and fragrances in our Yardley London Botanical Bath Bar Collection envelope you in pampered #metime, and leave your skin moisturized, nourished and radiant. You’re feeling nature at work!

Art of Soap

Trusted for generations, Yardley soaps like our Yardley London Liquid Hand Soap Collection are crafted with essential oils and ingredients with one goal in mind: to help smooth your skin and soothe your mind. Our desire to offer quality and value brings you a variety of bath bars, body washes and hand soaps that help to make every moment you spend on yourself something to look forward to.

Since 1770, the House of Yardley London has created fine soaps worthy of royalty, and today, the tradition continues with a collection of bath products crafted to inspire the best You.

Everyday Inspiration

Your life isn’t one-size-fits-most, and sometimes Me Time is hard to lock down. We believe that quality natural ingredients mixed with pure essential oils make the most of those precious moments you can fully dedicate to yourself. Our Yardley London Earth Spring Body Wash Collection is plant-based, green, and leaves you with moisturized and clean feeling skin.

Yardley believes that what we use on our skin should replenish it, keep it healthy, strong, and beautiful – and keep our earth and environment that way as well. Focus your mind and refresh your skin to be the best you can be!